Bracelet Size Guide

Bracelet Sizing Guide

When in doubt ~ SIZE UP! The approximate measurements are the measurements of the inside of bracelets.  You should choose the nearest size LARGER than you actual wrist measurement.

Size Fit Wrist Size Wrist Size
 XS Small Children 13.5 cm 5.3 in
S For Smaller Ladies and Teens 14.5 cm 5.7 in
M Standard Ladies Size- Snug to Wrist 15.5 cm 6.1 in
M/L Roomy Ladies Fit or Snug Men's 16.5 cm 6.5 in
L Standard Men's or Larger Ladies Wrist  17.5 cm 6.9 in
XL Large Men's or XL Ladies 18.5 cm 7.3 in

To measure your wrist, use a soft/flexible measuring tape like those for sewing measurements. Do not use a rigid tape measure for construction. If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, you can just use a string or thin strip of paper to measure around your wrist, mark, and then lay against a ruler or standard tape measure.